412 Anon

My name is Adel Nero. Most of you know me by my handle 412 Anon. I'm anti state and pro freedom. I'm here to help push the country in that direction.


I am an American Patriot born and raised in the Metro-Detriot area. Growing up I always sensed there was something wrong with the world, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. That all changed after President Donald J. Trump was elected. Amidst all the division and drama, President Trump and the noise surrounding him spiked my interest in politics - he wasn't afraid to call out the establishment while also promising to adhere to the principles I valued the most. He also seemed completely immune to constant attacks that would bring down the toughest of individuals, and that inspired me.

When first getting into politics and the 'truth' movement, I had no idea what I was in for. What I would come to learn would shake me to my core and challenge many preconcieved ideas that I had harbored for my entire life. In a very rapid manner my interest in these topics became an obsession that I could not bear to break from. I would spent countless hours delving into topics I never thought I would care about. After I felt that I had learned enough to offer valuable insight I decided that I did not want to sit back and watch the storm anymore - I wanted to be a part of it, and so that is what happened.

Over the past year or so, this movement for truth and justice has changed me for the better and given me an entirely new outlook on life and the world around me. I have met some of the greatest people, learned the hardests truths, and stepped out of many of my comfort zones. I would not change a second of it for anything, and I plan to dedicate my entire life to this movement.

I have many goals in this endeavor, but perhaps the one that is most important to me is helping people my age awaken from the prison of the mind that has been created for them. It pains me to see my peers so lost and confused at the hand of those who wish to control them and steal their sovereingty.