Born and raised in Southern New England.  As a child, my uncle would always talk to us about the Cabal of people who run this country and their plans for a one world government.  Then 9/11 happened and my eyes were opened.  The official narrative did not align with the facts and the awakening process began.  The internet has provided an abundance of alternative sources to get information and my quest for truth continues to this day. 

I have an Associates degree in Surgical techonology and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and began working for hospice in 2006.  My quest for truth continues in my free time where I can be found researching. 

The election of Donald Trump and the appearance of Q has me hope that this country can be saved. I joined Patriots Soapbox's in the very early days of Q when it was merely a discord server bringing in others like myself.  For the first time all of the truth seekers were united, we had found one another. I am a patriot,  a truth seeker and a digital soldier.  My areas of interest include the infiltration of the cabal into Hollywood and the music industry,  their symbolism, the bloodlines of the illuminati, the occult,  MK Ultra and Q.