A little about me ... 

I am a Constitutionalist from England.  A nation that is thousands of years old, A Nation that produced the customs and ancient laws of the free world.  England is one nation under God. England is a Christrian Nation that Karl Marx despised and hated, his famous quote says it all, "Every socialist revolution has been shipwrecked on the Rock of England".  

England gave the world a true free Nation, The Magna Carta 1215, The Bill of Rights 1688, Declaration of Rights 1688, Crown and Parliamment Act 1688, Coronation Oath Act 1688... The Act of Settlement 1701 "And whereas the Laws of England are the Birthright of the People" .   These and more (ancient laws and customs), make up our written Constitution, confirmed by sworn Oath to God. 

The Oath system came from England and it is what binds our Constitution.  To perjure ones oath is to lie to God, betray God and your fellow man, it is in effect Treasonous to God and God's Heaven.  

"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, yours will be done, on earth as in heaven."

Remember - Britain is a Brother Hood of Nations, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales.  They are separate nations, only Scotland and England were unified crowns, in 1706/07 creating a fake state.  The state of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain.  This union is what most people refer to as British.  I am NOT British, I am English.  The Founding fathers of USA were English, not British, the Brits attacked USA in 1775.